In March 2018, Internet insurance faced new regulatory situation; in April, Xi Jinping announced to ease market access of financial industry including insurance. Under the driving of the capital and the new Internet technology, Internet insurance will enter a new stage of development.

Insurance technology companies want to dominate the Internet insurance market through technological output; Traditional insurance companies tend to focus on their own channel construction; In addition, some insurance angencies are seeking the possibility of integrating insurance services through the Internet platform. Meanwhile, the application of insurance technology is becoming more and more extensive. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobile Internet, and Internet of things are widely used in the product innovation, insurance marketing and internal management of the company.

With the reduction of the reform dividends, Internet insurance is switching from the development of blowout to another mode. At this key transition period, FEA Consulting will hold the 3rd FEA China Internet Insurance Conference in Shanghai on 19th -20th July, 2018. It will gather experts and leaders from large insurance institutions, Internet giants, Internet insurance companies, third party Internet insurance platforms, insurance angencies, insurance technology companies to discuss how to improve the Internet insurance supervision and the development of the industry, how insurance technology can improve the ability of Internet insurance risk control, how financial technology leads the product and service innovation of Internet insurance, and how the participants of the Internet insurance respond to the market changes.

1st China Internet Insurance Development Conference, which organized by FEA Consulting and co-organized by Jade Value, convened on April 20-21th, 2017,  in Shanghai successfully. Conference gathered the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Chinese Insurance Association, Financial Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China, BATJ, 47 Traditional Insurance Companies, 56 Insurance Brokers, Insurance agencies, and more than 30 industrial technologies providers to discuss together. Meanwhile, more than 40 medias joined and reported this conference.

ctoutiao.com1st China Internet Insurance Development Conference ended successfully
Beijing Insurance Intermediary Association:Attended 1st China Internet Insura
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Review: China Internet Insurance Development Conference ended successfully
NetEast news:Answern attended 1st China Internet Insurance Development Conference
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